Chord Charts

NOTE: The Chord Charts are now vastly improved by the use of a new software package called Guitarator Toolbox.  The chart details are much improved and they are provided in acrobat file format so you can print the diagrams.  You will need to have the Acrobat file reader (free) installed on your computer to view these diagrams however. 
NOTE: when you see a chord name in the form XY/Z, it means the chord has the note after the slash in the bass.  For example G7/B has the B note in the bass (as opposed to the root of the chord being in the bass).

D E F# G A B C#
D major E major F# major G major A major B major  
D major7 E major7 F# major7 G major7 A major7 B major7  
D 7th E 7th F# 7th G7/B
G 7th
A 7th B 7th  
D minor E minor F# minor G minor A minor B minor C# minor
D minor7 E minor7 F# minor7 G minor7 A minor7 B minor7 C# minor7
D 6th E aug F# aug G aug A aug B aug C# aug
D aug E sus F# sus G sus A sus B sus  
  E 6th F# 6th G 6th A dim B dim C# dim
D 9th E 9th F# 9th G 9th A 9th B 9th