The Blues Notes in Open D

Last but not least is a map of blues notes in Open D. As noted in the introduction, the Open D tuning is popular as a blues tuning, especially when playing slide. Therefore, it would be useful to have a map of the blues notes in this tuning. So here it is. As you may already know, the blues scale is a minor pentatonic scale with the extra blues note thrown in (raised 4th or flatted 5th) to form a 6 note scale. 

Below shows a suitable position to play the blues scale in Open D. The notes to play in this position are highlighted.  Notice too that you can alternately play the open D on the 1st and 4th string and/or the open A on the 2nd string rather than finger the notes. I usually just bar the 3rd fret up to the 4th string and I find it easier to play as indicated. But for some riffs, the open strings can be used to great advantage.

Try this with a slide. If you can find a good book on Country Blues Bottleneck guitar, you'll find numerous blues tunes that use this tuning.

Open D Blues Notes