Seventh Position Scale

This scale resides entirely in the upper half of the fretboard and requires you to stretch across 6 frets to pick up all the notes. Try to keep you hand centered between the 7th and 12th fret to distribute the stretch in both directions. This scale is a great left hand exercise as well.

D Major - 7th Position

As an exercise, modify the multi-position scale to change your reverse path. Instead of returning back to the low D playing the same notes as you played coming up the neck, find a different route via the 7th position scale before moving your hand up.

For example, return by playing the 7th position through the 3rd or 4th string before sliding your hand up. Try a number of different ways back, there are no rules here, the more comfortable you are moving up and down the neck, the better you'll be able to improvise, when the need arises.