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What is My Guitar Worth?

Well if your guitar was built in the last 30 years or so, you can probably figure out its worth from a local guitar shop with no problem.   However, if you own, inherit, or discover a vintage instrument, it may prove to be more of a challenge to get an accurate appraisal.  The net wisdom seems to be to give a call to Elderly Instruments, Gruhn Guitar, or Mandolin Brothers, and ask them.   Elderly has an On-line evaluation form you can fill out and they'll send you an estimate (at least what they'd be willing to pay for it) via e-mail.   From a serial number and general description they can give you a pretty good idea of its worth.  I believe some of them will give a certified appraisal if you send them pictures.  All of these places traffic large numbers of used/vintage instruments.  The monetary value of old/vintage instruments is directly related to their desirability to collectors.  These folks have their collective fingers on this pulse.