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Where Can I Get Instructional Material For Acoustic Guitar?

There are a variety of resources available for instructional material.  The internet resources have already been mentioned above. Here is a listing of other resources you might want to check out.

Web and Mail Order Companies

The Internet is great for getting tablature and lyrics, but when you want video tapes, audio tapes, and authorative transcriptions of your favorite artists, mail order is the way to go.  Many of these sources now have web for you to review what they have to offer.  Eventually they will all allow you to order directly from the web, but for now, most still require you to call to place an order.

Homespun Tapes
Homespun LogoHomespun Tapes is run by Happy Traum, who has been producing quality instructional tapes for quite a while.  His mail-order catalog contains lessons in all styles of guitar, both electric and acoustic, as taught by popular guitarists. The catalog contains over 150 video tape lessons, as well as audio tape lessons, books, and various musical supplies. See some reviews of his tapes on this site.

Homespun Tapes
Box 694
Woodstock, NY 12498
Phone: 1-800-338-2737
Fax: 1-914-246-5282

Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop
Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop is a mecca for fingerstyle videos in blues, ragtime, celtic, and jazz.  But his forte is country blues, so if you want to learn the styles of Blind Blake, Rev. Gary Davis, or Big Bill Broonzy, this is the place to go.  He also has a circle of friends who provide lessons in a variety of styles from country blues to jazz.  People like Duck Baker, Leo Wijnkamp, and David Laibman contribute to many of the instructional tapes.  (You often see these same people in Fingerstyle Guitar magazine, giving Master Workshops as well.)

Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop
P.O. Box 802
Sparta, NJ 07871
Phone: (201) 729-5544
Fax: (201) 726-0568

Additional Mail Order Options:

Elderly Instruments
Accent on Music

Other Resources
There are, of course, other resources for obtaining instructional material for guitar.  The following sources generally won't give you a wide variety of topics to choose from, but you may get lucky and find something useful every once in a while.

Local Library
Your local public library usually has some guitar books, and a nice collection of records and/or CD's. You certainly can't beat the price.

Local Video Store
Instructional videos have been known to be hiding out in video store rental bins.  And since they don't make for prime Friday or Saturday night viewing, they are usually available. :-)

Local Bookstores
Many of the larger bookstores will carry guitar instruction books, and other material relating to guitar.

Almost every guitar oriented magazine on the market has a column dedicated to guitar instruction.  They will often describe a technique or style, and then provide a piece of music (standard notation and tablature) that demonstrates that technique.  See the section of this FAQ that lists popular guitar magazines for more information.

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