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What Books/Magazines Should I Read?

Here is a listing of periodicals that, in addition to advertisements for every guitar product known to man, also contain interesting articles pertaining to guitars, performers, music theory, etc... And they ALL thrive on publishing tablature of songs by popular guitarists.

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar Magazine is written for beginners and professionals alike.
Workshops, sheet music, reviews and expert advice.

Flatpicking Guitar Magazine

Guitarist (British)

Vintage Guitars

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These books vary widely in topic, but are all invaluable resources for every acoustic guitarist.

The Acoustic Guitar Guide
Larry Sandberg
1991, "a cappella books, inc"
ISBN 1-55652-104-9

Everything you need to know to buy and maintain a new or used guitar. This book has it all.  The history of the guitar, how guitars are made, how different things affect tone, and even simple repair.  This is a must have book for anyone who is thinking about buying a guitar, or simply wants to gain a strong working knowledge of the guitar.

The Complete Guitarist
Richard Chapman
1993, Dorling Kindersley Ltd.
ISBN 1-56458-181-0

This is a broad overview of all kinds of guitar topics. Primarily an instructional book, it also talks about technique, sound, and style. It also discusses various makes and models. It covers electric as well as acoustic playing.

American Guitars: An Illustrated History
Tom Wheeler
1992, Harper Perennial
ISBN 0-06-273154-8

This book is both a complete guitar reference guide, as well as a complete history of the modern guitar.  It contains complete histories of just about every guitar maker that has ever operated in the U.S., and chronicles these companies thru the various stages of their existence.   It covers both electric, as well as acoustic guitar, and dedicates about half of the book to Fender and Gibson guitars.  Hundreds of great photos.

Nothing but the Blues : The Music and the Musicians
Lawrence Cohn
1993, Abbeville Press
ISBN 1-55859-271-7

This is a detailed account of the evolution of the blues. It breaks the development of the blues down by region (Texas, Piedmont, Delta, Urban) and then charts their merging and metamorphasis into modern day blues.  Lots of rare photographs of just about every blues great ever known.  If you want to be an authority on early 20th century blues, this is a great place to start

Acoustic Guitars and other Fretted Instruments: A Photographic History
George Gruhn, Walter Carter
1997, Miller Freeman Books
ISBN 0-87930-493-6

A visual history of the evolution of the acoustic guitar. Contains hundreds of color photos of vintage instruments. The ultimate wish book for people who are connoseiurs of vintage guitars.

The History and Artistry of National Resonator Instruments
Bob Brozman
1993, Centerstream Publishing
ISBN 0-931759-70-6

Bob Brozman, a noted collector and performer of Resonator Guitars, gives a history of the instrument, and shows off his extensive collection of Resonator guitars in color photos.

Gibson's Fabulous Flat-Top Guitars : An Illustrated History & Guide
Eldon Whitford, David Vinopal, & Dan Erlewine
1994, Miller Freeman Books
ISBN 0-87930-297-6

A complete history of the Gibson flat-top guitar thru hundreds of pictures and detailed text.  Covers the evolution of every flat-top Gibson has made over the last 70 years.

The Blues Makers
Containing Reprints of Two Titles : The Bluesmen
and Sweet As the Showers of Rain

Samuel Charters
1991, Da Capo Press
ISBN 0-306-80438-7

A monumental study of the blues, its makers, and the environment from which they emerged.  In depth analysis of great blues players, their environments, their influences, and even their songs. More information than you could ever want on just about any of the blues greats from the early 20th century.

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