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What is a Good Travel Guitar?

There are a number of good travel guitars to choose from.  Which is right for you depends upon which features you feel are most important.  Because they are not full size, none of them will sound like your full size guitar, but some do have an excellent sound all their own!  Most professional players insist on one key requirement: a full size fretboard and good action so that their playing style isn't thrown off by the smaller neck dimensions.  They are willing to trade off better sound for this.  In fact, some players mount pickups to their travel guitars and use them on stage because their small size minimizes feedback problems.

Go Guitar with Sam (the builder)"Go" instruments are handcrafted from high quality solid woods. They are built in the USA, and are made within the confines of limited production.  They pride themselves on taking the time to ensure every guitar is better than what you expect. 

Martin Backpacker
Martin BackpackerMartin offers two different styles of Backpacker Travel Guitar: Nylon String and Steel String. The Martin has a very small body size (giving it a weak guitar sound), but it offers a full size neck with 15 frets and 24" scale length.   The steel string neck width is 1 11/16" (same width as their dreadnoughts).  Even though it doesn't advertise a Spruce top, it uses all solid woods for the top, sides and back (mahogany back, sides, and neck).  Also, the neck and sides are one continuous piece.

Baby Taylor
Baby TaylorsOne of the best sounding of the travel guitars.   Taylor offers two  Baby Taylor models: one has a solid mahogany top with a darker warm sound and the other is a solid sitka spruce top with a brighter sound.  In both models, the back and sides are mahogany veneer and the back is arched for additional strength.   This guitar is built to a 22 3/4" scale with a  mahogany neck and ebony fretboard.  The fretboard has 19 frets (14 to the body).    It comes with a molded Hard Shell Case. The list price is $398, but the street price is usually well under that.  

Tacoma Papoose
The Tacoma Papoose was not really designed to be a travel guitar, but is frequently put into this category due to it's small transportable size.  It was actually designed to be a whole new instrument in a category of its own.  If you capo your full size guitar at the 5th fret (A tuning), then you can  hear what the Tacoma Papoose will sound like and play like.   This guitar has a 19" scale length and has the frets sized to what you would have at the 5th fret of a regular guitar, but still has 21 total frets with 15 clearing the body.  This unique design allows you to play 6 semi-tones above a standard guitar.  It has a solid Cedar top and mahogany back and sides.  The fretboard is rosewood and the neck mahogany.

Traveler Escape
Tacoma Papoose GuitarThe Traveler Escape is a full-scale acoustic travel guitar built like no other.  With its ergonomic body design and full-scale neck, the Escape truly preserves the organic playing experience of a full-size guitar, yet fits easily into airline overhead compartments. The Escape is equipped with a Custom Shadow Piezo pickup system & preamp so you can play through an amp or plug headphones directly into the guitar and play anytime, anywhere.

Yamaha Silent Series
Tacoma Papoose Guitar Yamaha's Silent Guitars are unique instruments that bring together Yamaha’s vast knowledge and experience in the making of quality guitars together with its innovative design and quality electronics. As a member of the “Silent” family, the SLG100S is a great instrument for those times when you’d like to practice privately. But more than that, this steel string Silent Guitar offers great versatility, being just as at home in the studio or on stage as it is in your living room or dorm room. It also makes a great travel companion as its detachable frame lets the entire instrument fit into a compact carrying case that’s easy to transport.

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