Talking Fingerpicking

The Fingerstyle forum brings together fingerstyle players from around the world.  To provide a place where players can share ideas, thoughts, experiences, and to foster a worldwide community of players.

Enter the Fingerstyle Guitar Message Forum

There are not really any restrictions on what you can talk about so long as it refers in some way to Fingerstyle Guitar or Acoustic Guitars in general.

Possible topics include:

Professional Fingerstyle Guitar Players

  • The Artists themselves

  • their music

  • their playing styles

Music Styles

  • American Primitive Guitar

  • Blues

  • Country

  • Ragtime

  • Fingerstyle Jazz

Fingerstyle Guitar Techniques

  • Open Tunings

  • Slide Guitar

  • "The Hedges Style"

Fingerstyle Music Notation

  • TAB form

  • Fingerstyle MIDI music

Acoustic Guitar or Equipment

  • Guitar Construction

  • Models

  • Strings

  • Pickups

  • Preamps

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